P7P55d EVO won't POST... Memory, PSU or bad MB?

Just built a new system using a P7P55D EVO motherboard. This thing will NOT post. The system was all setup yesterday, started up, installed Win7. Today I went to use it and nothing. Fans come on, every once in awhile it will post, but if I make changes, and reset the computer it goes back to just sitting at a blank screen. I tried pulling everything off the MB except 1 stick of RAM, and still no luck. I'm using G.Skill 12800CL9D-4GBNQ ram. I updated to 1002 BIOS, but no luck. I hooked up a speaker to the MB and when the system starts I get NO beeps. This would be my first ASUS board to ever be DOA. Anyone have any suggestions?

(hours later) Ok With the board removed and sitting on cardboard, I have the power, cpu/hsf, and pc speaker hooked up. On boot, I get the memory beeps (long short short). I put in 1 stick on RAM (In slot A1 or B1, tried both), turn it on and get nothing. No beeps at all. Sometimes the DRAM_LED lights up, sometimes not. I tried the MemOK button, but that does not fix anything. I'm down to thinking its the RAM, motherboard, or PSU (Antec CP-850). I have someone bringing a PSU over tomorrow to try. I'm trying to secure some RAM to try. I guess if those two things don't work I'm RMA'ing this motherboard.
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