*solved* 2 GB memory missing in bios and Win 7. X58

Hi, i just bought a brand new system, and i got some problems with either the ram or the M.B. When i look in the B.I.O.S it says that i have only 4 GB of rams, and windows 7 64 (bit) says the same thing. But cpu-z says that i have 6 gb ram.
I have tried to toggle the ram slots, and tried all the rams in the same slot to see if it will run, and i have used memtest v 4.0 and it says that the memory is good. Is it the M.b that is the problem or what?
Have also tried the newest BIOS from asus.

My system :

Asus P6TD Diluxe X58
6 gb Patriot (1600mhz
I7 920
2 * Radeon 5770
Gigabyte 850 w psu.
Windows 7 (64)
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  1. I have same problem, but with new Asus CM 5570....is this an Asus thing?
  2. I have read about people with the same Asus M.B. I will call the store where i bought the card, and get a refund. I think i will go back to Gigabyte, since i have never had bad experience with them :)
  3. Edit : I found out what the problem was. One of the pins in the cpu bracket was bent downwards, and this is a very common problem on the new 1366 platform it seems. The memory controller is in the cpu "slot" on the 1366 MB`s, and not in the M.B it self.

    Eksample pic of bent pins on an X58

    Ps, sorry for my english :wahoo:
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