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Hello, i have recently purchased the Thermaltake Spedo Advance VI90001W2Z and today i moved all of my pc components to that case.. It all worked perfectly fine on the old case.. After i transferred my old pc to the new case, i tried to boot up.. But it doesn't work.. The led's on the mobo are on (asus maximus formula) but when i press the on button, nothing happens.. I tried to clear cmos, but didn't help.. I tried pressing the on button straight from the button that is on the mobo, but even then nothing works.. I removed one by one all the components of my pc, till only the cpu and the mobo were left, and it still didn't boot up.. How can something that worked 3 hours ago not work now? I was carefull with both the mobo and the psu, but still, something happened.. Could it be something different that a failure of one of those 2 components? The components of my pc haven't changed, just the case..
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  1. sounds like you werent grounded at some point and static attacked.it happens to the best of us
  2. Double check the PSU cables. Do you have the 4/8 pin cpu power plugged in? The 20/4 pin main power?

    The front panel wiring could also be wrong. Look at the wiring and the mobo manual real close to make sure they are correct.
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