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Ive been searching awhile for a gaming rig and ibuypower.com seems to be the best for me. But i dont know anything about the site and am wondering if they do a good job. So far i want a computer thats $1800 to $2000 and will last the next few years in gaming on max setting at 1920 1200 res.
The rig im thinking about getting so far is...

i7 920
Thermaltake V9 chassis
800watt powersupply
6g ram
sound blaster xfi xtreme audio
asus p6t se mobo
ibuypower napolean fan heatsink
nzxt avatar mouse
nzxt sentry lx fan,temp control
slim keyboard
vista gome premium
surge protector
so far its about $1800
Any suggestions?
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  1. Build it yourself. You have about $1400 in parts listed there, some of them questionable. $1800 can get you more:

  2. On the kirupa.com forums, people have reported numerous accounts of getting botched computers from iBuyPower. Some got their computer without it even being wired together. Some even got the wrong parts!
  3. Heh. You already have evidence of this... but if you come here, people will tell you to build it yourself... for your own sake =).
  4. Ok thanks for the replies, ill look into the missing parts thing, also i dont want to build it myself, mainly for a warranty and the knowledge that its built right. The reason i want ibuypower is because all the others ive found are much more expensive for less parts like maingear and falcon north nw. I thought about cyberpower but they seemed to have the missing parts thing too. But if i do order from ibuypower and there is missing parts im sure they would replace them for free.
  5. All those vendors have terrible customer service and warranties. Digital Storm is thye way to go. http://www.digitalstormonline.com/index.htm
  6. thanks ill take a look at them.
  7. eh i looked at digital storm and configured a gaming rig and it costed around $700 more and it didnt even have as good of parts as the ibuypower 1, so ill probly go with ibuypower, even if there is problems im sure they will fix them. Are there any other custom computer makers i dont know about you might recommend? i know of maingear, ibuypower, falcon NW, and digital storm.
  8. I'm pretty much saying what the first guy did, but from my experience. You get that beast built for you from any company your going to be paying ALOT more for the 'labor' and the 's&h'. Like the guy said before you could probably easily save 4 or 5 hundoooo and just buy a few screwdrivers and follow instructions.
  9. yay but im also wondering why for nearly the same computer its $700 more at digital storm than ibuypower. Also i dont want to build the computer myself, i would probly drop something and just ruin it lol.
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