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Hi Guys,

I have a GX280 Desktop (3GHZ, 2GB RAM). I have bought a viewsonic 19" LCD Monitor (it has only VGA interface and supports 1400x900). When I play a DVD movie on this system (Full Screen), the quality is not very good. Can you please advise if installing a new Graphics card will help improve the quality of picture (I do not play Games on this PC)? If yes then please advise which Graphics card should I buy? I'll be highly grateful for your kind advice.

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  1. A graphics card won't help you play a DVD, unless your current one is malfunctioning.

    Did you just get the monitor and it looks like this? If so, it's probably your monitor screwing up. Can you describe "quality is not very good"?
  2. Also, actually check what your resolution is set to. My parents bought a Samsung Syncmaster capable of 1680x1050, but it defaulted to a lower resolution when they hooked it up. The fact that it may not be running at its native resolution could result in your low picture quality.
  3. Thanks for your Kind replies Guys!

    Yes I have bought this monitor few weeks ago. Its spec says that it supports 1400 X 900. I have set the Onboard graphics card settings to 1400 x 900 as well. If I do not play the DVD in full screen mode then the quality is okay but if I play full screen video then the image is a little bit blurred... I'll try other resolution settings as well to see if it makes any diference.

    BUT please advise if installing a Graphics card in this GX280 would make any improvement in the quality of video, if yes, then which one would you recommend.

    Kind Regards
  4. this is a good buy, and since you only have AGP your choices are limited.
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