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I have some pictures on my computer that are a jpeg file but is not letting me preview them... instead it says preview not available... Can you help me to open them?
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  1. What program are you trying to view them in? Are you double-clicking on them and "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" comes up? If that's the case, try opening them in an image-editing program like MSPaint (included with Windows) or GIMP (freeware). If these programs can't open them, then, chances are, your file(s) is corrupt.
  2. Agreed , and if U still wanna try to open them try this:
    Open any folder.
    Go to Tools>Folder options
    Uncheck the Hide extension for known files and click ok
    Go to your pictures . Right click one and change it's extension. (to bmp or gif)
    photo.jpeg to photo.bmp

    Try opening it.

    Go back to Tools>Folder options
    Check the Hide extension for known files and click ok

    Sometimes this thing works... :hello:
  3. Changing the file extension may make problems even worse. This is because the file extension doesn't matter. In a way, you could open a WAV file in an image-editing program and it appears like a perfectly normal image. It's the file header data that matters. If you open the file in a hex editor, BMP files will always start with "BM". I write programs that deal with BMP files so I know BMP's file header data very well. I could study the file format for JPG to see if something is amiss, but I'll need to see it in a hex editor.
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