Intel I7 stock heatsink too loud?

Hi all. First time builder. After a day of nailbiting and indecisiveness I finally got my first computer going! But now I'm concerned my heatsink is going too fast/too loud. It sounds much more quiet until the bios starts, when it starts revving up. I want to make sure I'm not frying the CPU before I install an os - here's a video:

Does it sound too loud? Will it quiet down when the os is installed?

Oh, and I'm not overclocking at all (posting because this is the fans forum, if this should be posted elsewhere let me know)

17 960 3.2 ghz

ETA: Just checked the temp on the bios screen and it says it's 54*c. That can't be right for an idle temp, even on an i7 960, right?
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  1. The fan should always spin at maximum capacity when in the bios since there is no cool and quiet or speedstep. Meaning the CPU will run at 100% all the time, needing additional cooling. Once you install windows or linux, the CPU fan noise should significantly be reduced once speed step or cool and quiet are able to regulate the CPU.
  2. The temp in the BIOS will always be high. The CPU cannot use its low-power idle mode until it boots fully into Windows.
  3. Boot into your OS, instal true temp, thn check your idle temp andtry a stress test program like Linx or Prime95. Max should be less than 85 if using a stock heatsink.
  4. Hey all, thanks for the replies. Temps seem fine in OS, but I accidently broke the stock heat sink. Will this i7 extreme fan work as a replacement?:

    Not overclocking so I don't think I need a push/pull fan...
  5. Considering you just might want to OC someday (I was in your shoes too before I found out how relatively easy it is to OC the i7), I would recommend this . If you buy a cheaper item now and then OC and buy something more expensive later, it will be more expensive in the long run.
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