Taking desktop computer through airport security.

I'm moving from Chicago to San Fransisco. I will only be taking the innards of my desktop on my carry-on luggage and buying a new case in San Fransisco. Has anyone ever done this without getting in trouble with airport security? With this much electronics, will they think it's a bomb? Also, do they rummage through your private files on your harddrives?
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  1. unless they've got a search warrant they have no right to access your files, none the less, encrypt what you dont want ppl to see. Ive heard Truecrypt is great, but never used it. and so long as its clearly marked and packaged safely, ie perhaps using original box and packaging i dont forsee an issue.
  2. Ive taken parts with me before through dallas, no one has asked me any questions...
  3. my friend actually put a computer in a suitcase with packing foam and had no trouble
  4. Alrighty, then.

    Will Winrar's password protection + filename encryption be safe?
  5. i would use an actual disk encrypter
  6. mindless728 said:
    i would use an actual disk encrypter

    I completely agree with this. Truecrypt is the best route to go.
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