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Hi guys,

I'm putting together a new rig for myself with the following specs: Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 mb, 500Gb hd, GTX460 GPU,4Gb Corsair Ram, 600W PSU, Phenom x2 555BE (hopefully oc to get all 4 cores) and i'm looking for a good cooler. The CM Hyper 212+ looks decent and a good price to go with it.

Two questions: 1 - Will this go into my rig, 2: Is it worth buying this cooler. If not can any one recommend another one for round about the same price.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Depends of if it will fit inside your case.

    Pricewise, it is one of the most cost effective, aftermarket coolers around. You will need to spend significantly more to get something that is just a little bit better.
  2. I have a CM Hyper 212+ on my unlocked 740BE and it keeps it so cool I've forgotten the temps it's been so long since I last bothered to check.
    If you're buying from Newegg though, they recently jacked the price to $35. The 120mm Xigmatek Gaia is similar, and is $30. I'll probably get that one for my next build.
  3. Well I've just measured my case and the cooler will not fit. Any suggestions for another one will be greatly appreciated.

    I have just discovered an Alpine Pro 64 in another machine I have. Would that be any good or should I just continue the search?
  4. Try one of the 212+'s little brothers:
    Hyper TX3
    Hyper 101

    They have the same basic design, just less heatpipes per step and a smaller fan.
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