Putting an ssd in my netbook?

I hear that having an ssd in your computer can be very nice. I've been thinking about getting one for my netbook. I'm wondering if I could copy the operating system over to the ssd and then get an external enclosure to put the original netbook hard drive in. I would probably buy a 40gb ssd and use the hdd for my music and other files. Would this workout alright and how would I go about transferring the os? There is also a desktop in the house if it matters.
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  1. I just used Acronis to image my old drive to an external USB drive, installed the SSD, and restored the image to the new drive. There are some people who say you should only do a fresh Windows install on a new SSD, but I have not had any issues or reduced performance since installing mine. Just make sure you take the time to optimize your SSD after the computer is up and running.

  2. You do realize that putting a SSD in a notebook is like putting a V12 in a Honda. Not recommended if you want to get the most out of a expensive SSD since SSDs need a reasonably powerful CPU to realize the full potential.

    If you do go ahead and get a SSD make sure that you image the hard drive correctly. The reason why a fresh install is a good idea is that a fresh install guarantees that the sectors are properly aligned and that TRIM is correctly configured. If the sectors of the HDD image aren't aligned with the SSD sectors then you won't get good performance out of the SSD. IIRC there was an article here on tom's discussing SSD sector alignment and HDD imaging.
  3. I don't have a problem doing a fresh install but I don't think I would be able to without buying a new os license right?

    Also, I would be looking for a cheap ssd. I won't be moving large files. I heard that even the cheapest ssds are big upgrades because they don't have the seek times that hard drives do.
  4. You shouldn't need a new license. Did your netbook come with a recovery disk? You can use that to reinstall the OS and drivers, and even if it didn't come with a recovery disk many manufacturers offer a download that contains everything you need to burn a recovery CD.
  5. Well its a gateway lt2104u and didn't come with a recovery disk but it wouldn't of been of any use because the netbook doesn't have an optical drive.

    I found this link on the gateway page.
    Assuming my model has the ability to use method 1, I wouldn't be able to just throw the ssd in there would I? First I would have to clone the information from the hdd to the ssd. Then I could put the ssd in, use the recovery feature to do a clean install. Is this right?

    Thanks for the help so far!
  6. That -should- work. Windows would be freshly installed from the cloned partition. You would have one cloned and one fresh partition. If you're going to clone, you might as well just clone the entire drive. I would get the discs from Gateway and use them in a USB optical drive. I don't know how well that clone/fresh-install thing would work, better to do it right the first time.
  7. You do realize that putting a SSD in a notebook is like putting a V12 in a Honda. Not recommended if you want to get the most out of a expensive SSD since SSDs need a reasonably powerful CPU to realize the full potential.

    This is true to a point. The thing I notice most is that it brings out the cpu/memory weaknesses because the hdd is not holding things back so much. However, a netbook or low powered laptop would benefit the most from the low power consumption and 'toughness' of an ssd. Grab an intel v 40gb for $100 and you're laughing.
  8. Hi All,

    I want to do that same thing with my Acer Aspire One 532H. I keep finding a ton of posting with cloning/imaging old HDD to the New SSD... Since we only use this to surff the net, we save nothing on it.. I have a network drive that we save things to.

    Anway, Can I just take out the old HDD put in the new SSD, plug in a USB win7 install drive, and install win7 right on to the SDD and set it up as a new PC??

    I did make an win7 install USB when I had to install for my sister as her laptop's DVD drive die.
  9. Hi guys!

    I want to buy a ssd card. Can I palce the ssd card into my laptop next to my hdd? So is it possible to have a ssd card and a hdd drive in the same time in my laptop? The ssd card has sata3 port.

    I'm waiting for ur answers!
  10. ohh i have an asus n56vm-s3036
  11. Why didn't you start a new topic?

    I think the n56 has only one hard drive. image your 750gig spinner. Remove it and replace it with ssd. Copy image to ssd. boom. dun.
  12. I like the n56. Sorry, I thought it had a 750gig drive but 500gig is the same for this procedure.

    Either the 120gig vertex 3 or the 240gig vertex 3 is fine. It's up to you how much free space you require. I would save money and buy the 120gb drive. Use the money for external storage.

    You need to remove the 500gb drive that came with the laptop.
    Install the ssd in the same spot.
    Install windows on the ssd using a windows disk OR using an image from the original 500gb drive.

    Can you do that?
  13. Yes I can. I just Wanted to ask that: is it possible to have the ssd and the hdd in my laptop in the same time..... But u said that it's inpossible. Thank you the help.
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