How to SLI? Do I need the same GPU?

I currently have an 8800GT Alpha-Dog Edition.
If I want to SLI do I need to get another 8800GT Alpha-Dog with same memory, or can it be just a normal 8800GT?
Is it possible to 8800GT SLI but with different memory?

What settings 8800GT run Crysis on? @ 1680x1050
What about 8800GT SLI?
Is 8800GT SLI > GTX 260?

Is it possible to Tri-SLI 8800GT? Would Tri-SLI 8800GT be better than GTX 295?
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  1. Any 8800GT will work, although the slower clock speed would be used.

    You can not tri-SLI 8800GT's, only 8800GTX's, 9800GTX's, and 280's (I think 285's as well) can be tri-SLI'd.
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