Processor getting too hot on stock speed

Just upgraded to a Q9450, and the temps are astronomically high:

Installed the heatsink perfectly well from what I can see. The pins are down, the heatsink is solid in place.

My setup:

Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H
Gelid Silent Spirit CPU Cooler
Coolermaster CM-690 Dominator Case
Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste
OCZ StealthXtreme 600W

I mean it is quite a hot day today, but it was the same the other day and my temps were around 40-50 on an E5200@3.1GHz with stock intel heatsink. :/

As far as I can see everything is on correctly. The cpu heatsink doesnt budge, and looks to be in the right position (the elevated part is facing the exhaust fan). There are 2 120mm fans in my case, one on the side window sucking air in and one on the back blowing it out. The elevated part of the heatsink is facing the exhaust fan.

I was going to try it with the Intel Heatsink I was using for my E5200 to see if there was any difference, just wanted to get some ideas here first? When I reboot and go into the BIOS, it says the cpu temperature is 38/39c, as soon as I boot into the OS CoreTemp and CPUID Hardware Monitor shows them at around 60ish. So surely it's either a malfunctioning program, the heatsink just doesn't work for my case or it's a faulty cpu?

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  1. Is that the idle temp or the load temp?

    And even though your E5200 was at 3.1Ghz, I would still expect the quad to run hotter, it's got 2 more cores. However 60C is defineatly too high if that is your idle temp.

    Go ahead and try using the other heat sink, might fix the problem. You may have too much thermal paste or something with your current installation as well.
  2. Yeah that's idle. I knew going into it that it would run hotter. But My E5200 ran at 40 idle in a small case with a horrible airflow (tons of cables and a tiny exhaust fan). This Quad is at 60 idle with 2 120mm case fans and a whole lot of room to breath. :P

    I'll try the stock heatsink out in a mo, will update with the results. :)
  3. Tried the stock fan. On boot the BIOS had cpu temp at around 28c. As soon as I got into windows, opened up CoreTemp and temps are pushing 60 once again.

    Surely it can't heat up over 30c in the space of less than a minute on two heatsinks? I mean the heatsink is on properly, put minimal amount of thermal paste on and it hasn't made an impact at all. Temps haven't got worse or better. :/
  4. does your cpu cooler fan speed up as temps rise?
  5. obsidian86 said:
    does your cpu cooler fan speed up as temps rise?

    I never hear an increase of fan speed, no. Not enough for it to be audible anyway.

    The only noise my system makes is the 2 120mm fans and my graphics card after an hour of gaming. And even after playing an hour or 2 of CoD at 250fps, it's all fully stable. So I'm starting to believe it's just the OS/Program misreading it.
  6. One thing you may want to check, on my Gigabyte board, I'm running an AMD AM2 board, but there is an option in the bios about Automatic cpu fan speed. I think it's supposed to allow the fan to speed up and slow down with processor load, however, I just disabled it so the fan runs at full speed all the time. Look through your bios and if you have that option, I'd suggest disabling it and see what things look like.
  7. Boot in safe mode, may be an application casuing. Remote chances however you can try and see if the tem. is that much there still.
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