I7 build overheating BIG time

Hey guys,

I recently built an i7 rig and along the way, we had a thunderstorm and the power went out. Of course my computer had problems afterwards. I ended up having to RMA the mobo because it the PCI-E that held my gtx 295 stopped working after the incident. I ended up getting some more Arctic Pro 5 thermal paste and applying it to my processor chip and putting everything back together again. However, now my temperature always says it is at 84-85 C. I have tried using the coretemp and realtemp and both give me the same reading. Before this incident, my comp was always between 40 and 55, even under full load. Does anyone have any ideas about what might be the problem, or some ideas about how I can figure out what it might be?

Corsair 850TX
i7 920
EVGA gtx295
EVGA x58 132-BL-E758-A1
Antec Twelve Hundred
random optical drive
6gb OCZ Platinum
64gb G.Skill ssd
1tb WD Caviar Black HDD

Any ideas or help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. What method di you apply the thermal paste with? Try SpeedFan or HWMonitor.
  2. Thanks for your very quick reply.

    I took off the previous application with alcohol, then put a small amount of thermal paste on the heatsink. I then spread it out evenly and gently using a box cutter, as I was recommended to do by many. There has also been a noticeable decrease in cpu performance. Perhaps it is the chip?
  3. look at your core voltage, it might have risen somehow,
    or maybe the temp censor was damaged
  4. According to speedfan 4.34 here are the stats:

    Temp1: 84
    Temp2: 58
    Temp3: 32
    Core 0: 77
    Core 1: 77
    Core 2: 65
    Core 3: 65
    Core 4: 85
    Core 5: 80

    VCC3V: 3.31V
    Vcore: .92V
    VRAM: 2.11V
    VChipset: 1.39V
    +5V: 4.62V
    +12V: 10.56V
    VCC1.5V: 1.30V
    VSB3V: 3.28V
    Vbat: 3.20V

    The core voltage seems just fine, as it isn't over 1.25V.
  5. Did you put too much paste on? Did you apply the heatsink correctly, IE all four pins seated properly? Wish I could be more helpful, sorry.
  6. I suppose I could reapply all the paste, as big a hassle as it is. The pins are all seated correctly, yes. I'm wondering if, indeed, it is a temp sensor malfunction...

    Also, thanks to everyone who has helped me up to this point. You guys rock.
  7. Yes try and reapply the thermal paste, good luck with that ;)
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