Why 9 pin port showing up as LPT1 on laptop?

Have a compaq nc6220 laptop. Only ports on the system are usb and a 9 pin serial. For some reaon device manager keeps showing that i have com 1 and Printer port LPT 1. My understanding is that an LPT port would be a db25 but the laptop has no db25 ports. Am i wrong on that assumption? Reaon i ask i need a db25 for use of a dongle (PCMCIA-DB25 did not work)
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  1. Regarding the parallel port, I suppose it might be something left over in the BIOS from ye olde days; maybe you could disable it there so that it doesn't show up in Device Manager.

    As to the dongle, you may be able to get a USB one as a swap from the manufacturer of the software it goes with.
  2. Thnx for reply. Tried bios to disable the 9 pin just to see if that would remove from device manager (previously uninstalled driver but kept coming back) but for some reason the bios does not allow you to disable onboard ports (bios is vry limited on this machine)

    Was able to get dongle to work pcmcia-db25 - used a different pcmcia card then changed port to bidirectional (in the bios - which is odd since the pcmcia parallel port wouldnt even be seen during boot) then uninstalled everything again, and then reinstalled and it finally read the dongle!
    But i still don't understand why it is showing a 9 pin as an LPT port (I now have 2 LPT ports showing - the PCMCIA and the 9 pin).
    Is it even possible for a 9 pin to act as a parallel port (sans 3rd party) ?
    It now is just an item that i need to find out for curiosity reasons and i can stop denting my wall with my forehead. thnx
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