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I built a system a while ago, with the following specs:

Gigabyte GA-EP35C motherboard
Intel E6758 processor
9800 GTX+ OC 512 graphics card
Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5 RAM (2*2gigs)
CoolMax CUG 950B power supply
Windows XP Student Edition SP3 for OS
Award Software International, Inc. F2 01/04/2008 is the BIOS version I have.

The issue that I am having is this: occasionally, my computer freezes temporarily, repeating whatever sounds it was making for 3-4 seconds, even if I am just watching a dvd or listening to the radio online.. If this happens in a game, then the game freezes, and the graphics become totally distorted. Sometimes this is accompanied by the blue screen of death, more often, I can use cntrlaltdel to get out of the game, and kill it. If I try to tab out of a game, and then tab back in, I always get the same kinds of graphical problems. Windows tells me that I need to cut my graphics performance manually, but even at their lowest settings, I get the same problem. Anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. I'm going to assume you actually meant "Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R" when you said Gigabyte GA-EP35C. No such board exists with the model GA-EP35C according to Gigabyte's website.

    First, flash your BIOS to version F3 (this included a microcode update which may solve these problems since they are not exclusive to certain activities like gaming). Don't bother flashing to F4a, as it is currently a beta BIOS.

    Next, update all major drivers (Video, Sound, Network, chipset). Hopefully you did not use the drivers which came on the driver disks when you built the system. These drivers are often outdated. The latest drivers are 99% of the time, the best ones to use.

    Finally, check your thermals with a program like HWMonitor. Your CPU should not be going over roughly 60C, and while your video card can handle a lot of heat, try keeping it as cool as possible, in the 60-70C range should be good.
  2. i've had the same problem... I blamed it on a driver.. or bad power supply. Try a different set of drivers..
  3. +1 to updating your BIOS and all your drivers. That CoolMax PSU is a POS. I wouldn't be surprised if it's causing these issues.
  4. do what the prophecy is telling you. if that doesnt work come back and we will think in another thing that could be the cause of that problem
  5. Ok, so here is where things get weird. I now have EP35C-DS3R F3 for my BIOS, and I have all the most current drivers. Everything seems to be working fine... But a lot of things are just kind of tweeked in a bad way.

    First, did not seem to solve the problem I had initially. Second, my settings for windows seem to have reverted to a Windows 98 look, and McAfee is not working right, nor is my Logitech software for my keyboard/mouse wireless combo.

    Any ideas?
  6. I am now also unable to install any new programs... This is most frustrating.
  7. Also something I have noticed, start up takes much longer, other programs take longer to load, and when I tried to re-install the drivers for my board, it now says I do not have the resources necessary for install. WTF? I just installed them last night, what on earth does this mean?
  8. Umm that memory is NOT compatible with the motherboard..
    see: http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Spec.aspx?ClassValue=Motherboard&ProductID=2740&ProductName=GA-EP35C-DS3R
    I don't even think the board can handle larger than a 2GB chip.
    Sean Golash
    UDC - Student - Security Tech - Hardware Tech - Software Tech etc...
  9. I checked with the manufacturer, they say that their chip is indeed supported by the board, though I am not sure. Buying new RAM just to make sure. Also RMAing out a lot of it, if I can. Still annoyed, still having the problems.
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