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Come Friday, I will have my mobo. I am content with my build. I have been reading a lot on the SSD's and have seen a lot of different opinions. When it comes to setting up the SSD as my OS drive, how does adding a lot of games to it affect its reliability and speed? I am looking to add 1 or 2 MMORPGS, a bunch of FPS's as well as MS Office, AntiVir software, music converter and browser. I do have a lot of pictures and word/excel docs for my business that are going to the data drive. I am also putting any music/videos on the data drive.

What's the general consensus on adding games and major apps to the SSD with the OS vs throwing them on data drive? I am debating on throwing STEAM on the data drive.

Here are my specs:




*Intel X25-M 160GB

*1TB Caviar Black

*8GB G.SKILL RipjawS

*SeaSonic X750

*CM HAF 912

*CM HYPER 212+

*(2) 200mm CM Megaflow

* Zaward 140mm
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  1. You should put whatever you frequently use on the SSD. If its games then put them there unless you rarely play them. Why wouldn't you anyway? The extra space on the SSD isn't doing you any good unused so use it up (to 80-95%).
  2. You should put your most frequently used games/apps on the SSD.

    Settings changes to make to maximize SSD life:
    1. Disable automatic indexing
    2. Disable defragging
    3. Disable System Restore (or at the very least minimize its usage)
    4. Disable Hibernation
    5. Move \Temp and \tmp folders to data drive
    6. Move user folders (My Documents, Downloads, My Videos, etc.) to data drive
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