Could strong side panel fan be harmful?

I have an Antec Nine Hundred Case ( ) and I want to get a side panel fan (didn't come with one).

I'd like to get this powerful yet pretty quiet fan ( ) for intake, blowing air over the CPU/GPU (Phenom II X4 955, Radeon HD 3850)

However, this fan is actually stronger than the front and back fans. Is there any way this would cause more harm than good? (Messing up air flow within the case) (I don't want to purchase a whole set of 4 new fans.)
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  1. In theory it could mess up your airflow, but it probably won't (it's not that big), still I'm not so sure whether it will improve airflow by a lot since the Antec 900 already has near perfect airflow.
  2. Quote:
    since the Antec 900 already has near perfect airflow.

    Even without a side panel fan?

    Should I even bother then?
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    You want negative pressure, so as long as your exhaust is greater than intake, you should be fine. If you currently have 2 exhaust and 2 intake, and a dual-slot video card and with the PSU fan, you probably have enough exhaust to handle a low-CFM intake fan on the side. Might keep GPU and mobo a little cooler. Best thing to do is to monitor 8-hour load temps before and after installing the fan. If they go down, great. If not, well, you'll figure it out ;)
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