Overclocking a i5 2400?

Hi all,
i read up that it is possible to overclock a i5 2400 cpu but they didn't really explain the steps, could anyone help explain to me how to do it without damaging the cpu?

Im sketchy about the lock on it but i am really amped to test it out!

kind regards
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  1. You can overclock it by +400MHz Turbo if you have it installed on a P67 mainboard. You just need to raise the Turbo multiplier.
  2. ok cool by how much would you say?
  3. +400MHz = +4 multiplier. Default Turbo multiplier is 34. You can increase it to 38.
  4. OK cool ill test it out, thanx a lot!
  5. i think it'll go up to 3.7ghz on turbo mode...to me that's more then enough for anything.
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