Windows XP refuses to Boot or Install

while i try to install the Win XP to my system, after a minute, during setup is in progress, a blue screen screen occurs saying "Your Physical memory is damaged. try to uninstall or remobe any new hardware added to this system. If this is the first time you are seeing this message, kindly restart your system".
I'm unable to proceed further :cry: ..
I'm unable to install OS to my system..
Could you please give me a solution to this problem... :whistle:
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Try doing exactly what it says - open the case and remove the RAM stick then replace it with an identical one. If you have more than one, take one of them out and see if the other can allow Windows successfully to install. Try both on the own and replace teh dud stick. While you're at it, and if you can afford to, upgrade the memory to 2Gb - XP works well on that level.

  2. Went through nightmares with my voltage on identical 1GB sticks cause of voltage supported but not really by cheap board. Get chips to match the default voltage on MB specified in ram section.

  3. Yep - whacking 3v RAm into a 1.8v system just because it happens to fit is not a very good idea. :D

  4. Mine was as little as 2.5v vs. 2.65v which MB should be able to compensate for at +6%, never worked very stable till I got the damn 2.5v sticks. Would do fine with one 2.65v but not with two.

    Welcome to the 65535 side. ;-)
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