Most Number of Fans in the one System

I am curious to know what the highest number of fans someone has in one computer system.

I have 9.
2 120mm in the front
2 120mm in the back
1 120mm on the side
1 80mm on a hard drive
1 120mm on the CPU heatsink (which barely fits in the case),
1 80mm on the video card
1 120mm in the power supply.

They are all quiet fans, mounted with rubber plugs instead of screws to reduce the noise further, and the interior of the case is covered with sound dampening foam.

They keep the internal temperature down to 80 degrees and the CPU down to 110 degrees, even during SETI@Home.
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  1. I have 8 120mm fans in my case... 6 case fans and 2 fans on the cpu cooler.

    I have 10 fans if you include the PSU and graphics card cooler.
  2. Count them all, so you beat me with 10.

    This is like what some men do with counting the cylinders in their garage . 1 in the leaf blower, 2 in the lawnmower, 6 in the car.

    Be sure to vote!
  3. I'll assume that counts all fans, so:

    Rear fan: 1x140mm
    Top fan: 2x200mm
    Side fan: 1x200mm
    Front fan: 1x230mm
    VGA cover: 1x120mm
    GPUs: 2x80mm
    PSU: 1x120mm
    Radiator: 3x120mm

    I think all those are for now. When new GPU arrives will add 2x120mm to the list.
  4. I have 9:

    Top fan: 200mm
    Side fan: 200mm
    Front fan: 200mm
    Back fan: 120mm
    PSU: 120mm
    CPU: 2 x 120mm (push/pull)
    GTX 470: 2 x 80mm (1 each card)

    If it weren't for the fans in my Galaxy cards (which are very noisy), it would be a quiet and cool system. With those fans it's just a cool system.
  5. GPU fan
    CPU fan
    Two case fans.

    It's a hot like a hell.
  6. Looks like the average so far is 7.

    Now the real test would be to calculate air flow, but you'd need the specs from each fan. Calculate the windiest computer.
  7. NZXT Hades Case

    2 140's on top (intake filtered)
    1 120 rear (filtered on H50 Rad)
    1 200 side (intake)
    1 200 Front (exhaust)
    1 GPU Cooler (exhaust)
    1 Typhoon directly under Gpu (Exhaust)
    1 PSU
  8. 11, counting psu and gpu.
  9. Generic case w/ side window

    4x80mm in roof
    2x80mm lower front
    1x120mm by drive bays front
    Hard drive cooler with 2x40mm fans
    Ram cooler has 2x60mm fans
    Graphics card 1x50mm fan
    Cpu fan on heatsink, plus an 80mm mounted on top
    120mm rear exhaust
    120? psu fan
    1x80mm side window,
    makes 18 whirlies in mah box

    This guy is surely a contender?
  11. I have 9.

    2 120mm intake, with another 120mm inside the case blowing on the gpus
    1 120mm exhaust
    1 big boy top exhaust
    2 120mm on CPU rad
    2 120mm slims on gpus
  12. 2 fan CPU
    1 fan GPU
    PSU have 2 fan
    1 bigger fan outside case (for.. me) :D
  13. I got 5 total including the PSU:
    1 80mm front case fan (an old whiney whirly)
    1 120mm rear case fan
    1 (I'm guessing 60-80mm on the stock AMD heatsink) CPU fan
    1 (again guessing 92-100mm on the HIS HD 5770) GPU fan
    1 135mm PSU fan
  14. I'm using a CoolerMaster Enforcer Casing.
    1x 200mm Front Intake
    2x 120mm on my Noctua U12P
    1x 120mm Rear Exhaust.

    I am left with my Top Casing , with a gapping hole.
    Was thinking if I should put in another 200mm MegaFlow or 2 x 120mm Fans?
  15. 2 system fans
    Cpu fan
    PSU fan
    1 car blower motor
  16. I'd like to add more to mine but I don't think I have connections on my mobo (couldn't find them at least)

    2x80 mm rear exhaust
    Stock AMD heatsink (about to replace in a week with 120 mm heatsink)
    80mm GPU fan
    120mm psu exhaust

    Only 5 but I have spare to add if only the ASUS M4A78T-E had more places to power the fans! Anybody that can prove me wrong please do :)
  17. Your psu has molex plugs young one, Hhrrm?
    learn the art of daisychain you must...

  18. Twelve for my system:
    Six 120mm Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F case fans (two front and one side for intake, two top and one rear for exhaust).
    Two 80mm? fans on Palit GTX 570 Sonic
    One 120mm Sanyo Denki fan in SeaSonic SS-560KM power supply
    Three 120mm Yate Loon D12SM radiator fans
  19. 10 fans total;
    1 200mm
    7 120mm
    2 80mm
  20. 9

    Top of case - 2
    On CPU heatsink - 2
    Front - 2
    Back - 1
    Side - 1
    Middle (rigged) - 1
  21. Nzxt phantom: 7 case fans.
    2 x msi GTX 560ti twin frozr in Sli :4 fans (2 fans on each)
    Noctua NH-U12P : 2 fans + heatsink
    Corsair 750W : 1 fan
    Asus Sabertooth p67 : 1 x 50mm fan to push air under the armor
    I do also have a turbulence ii series Cooler for g.skill Ram(2 fans) but I couldn't install it after I bought the CPU cooler (the Noctua NH-U12P cause it is pretty HUGE)

    Total : 15 fans (18 if u count the heatsink and the turbulence ii ram cooler) I didn't realize that I have that number of fans until I saw ur forum :s
  22. Nzxt Guardian 921 RB

    Front Intake:1 -120mm
    Side Intake:1 -120mm
    Top Exhaust:1 -140mm
    Rear Exhaust:1 -120mm
    PSU Bottom Exhaust:1 -140mm
    GPU: XFX 6870 Fan
    CPU/Heatsink:2 -120mm

    Total: 8
    6 Of which being Red LED because its aesthetically pleasing.
  23. ^ You saying your pretty like?
  24. Meant to say its.
  25. I know man, just making fun hehe :)
  26. Motopsychojdn said:
    I know man, just making fun hehe :)

    Haha I thought so but im kinda new here so I wasnt really sure :P
  27. Lol nice thread. I have 12.
    3x120mm at front
    2x 120mm on CPU Radiator
    1 x 120mm Intake on side 1 x 120mm exhaust at back
    1 x 200mm exhaust at top
    1 x 120mm PSU
    1 x 120mm drilled and tapped on inside front of antec 1200
    2 fans for GPU (1 each)

    Dust is a pain in the ass as i smoke in my pc room. Praise god for the person who invented dust filters :) although i have to clean them every 10 days roughly. PC is coooool though.
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