Intel CPU help needed - 55xx vrsus 73xx

I feel like and idiot but I can't find info on what seems like an easy question. A comparison between cpu's of the intel 55xx versus the 73XX.

I am looking for a 4 cpu quadcore solution I can rent for a database application that is currently CPU maxed (I am tuning it - but limited on what I can do).

When I look at servers with 2 CPUs the are usually the Nehalems, but at 4 CPUs they switch to E73xx or E74xx. (looking at 7310 to get started)

Any help would be incredible. This is the site I usually go to when I need to understand things but the search is not turning up anything.
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  1. Well - For anyone else out there as clueless as I.

    It *looks* like the 7300s were Tigertons and are older and the benchmarks I finally found put it significantly under the 5500s (Nehalems). The 7400s are the dunningtons which have up to six cores - but strangely don't kill the Nehalems even though they appear to be quite expensive.

    I never really found exact benchmarks for 4 cpu boxes - but I'll have to just pull the trigger and hope because I am out of time.
  2. Actually after ordering it - I am now concerned it won't arrive - I don't see any references to a 4 cpu setup with Nehalems. Anyone out there who can put me out of my misery on this?
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    There aren't yet any Nehalem-based CPUs that run in any more than a two-way setup. You have Core 2-based units like the Xeon 7300 and 7400. The first Nehalem that will work in 4-way and better setups is the Xeon 75xx "Beckton."
  4. Thank you!!!

    Interestingly none of the providers of dedicated servers I checked (Rackforce, etc) were carrying the 7400s - just the 7300s. :(
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