Another "will this fit?" question

Hey guys I have an apevia x-cruiser 2

I was wondering if anyone had experience with this case and the CM 212. My main concern isn't depth; I think i would have to get rid of that side window in order to use the cooler. So will it fit without having to remove that fan? If i remove the fan will i lose a substantial amount of positive airflow? Or would it be a better option to get a different cooler?
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  1. What cpu are you cooling?
    The 212+ won't fit imo with the fan.
    And yes there are plenty of other options.
    This is a very good one.
    ZALMAN CNPS10X Performa
  2. I'm using a phenom 955 be.
  3. The Zalman would be fine.
  4. Consider the CNPS9900max or 9500, they perform very well compared to their size and are quiet.
  5. The CNPS9900max is overpriced and outperformed by coolers half its price including the Performa.
    This is quite a decent cooler and should fit in your case without any problems
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