Catalyst control center application settings ?

I'm used to nVidia where there drivers allow to set some setings (AA, AF ..) on application basis. One can set that programA.exe will have AA 2x and programB.exe AA 4x.

Is this possible in the catalyst control center ? I have found only a global setting.

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  1. Catalyst does not work with Nvidia cards. This is mainly due to the drivers.
    catalys for Radeon
  2. Yes it has a whole place to hold presets..Which version of CCC are you using and which GPU do you have?
  3. CCC v 2010.0825.2146.37182 ... wow that's a long version number :)

    GPU is Radeon 5850

  4. I'm downloading the latest ( 11.4) now
  5. That should work well....remember "presets" are on the left hand tabs under "pinned"
  6. ok in the newer version of CCC I see the presents.

    But how do I assign a given AA to a executable ? I created a preset, set an application to launch and when I select the preset it directly launches the game ?!
  7. Hmm..let me play with it when I get home tonight..I'll see what I come up with...
  8. ok thanks for your help
  9. I'm going through a similar trial-and-error configuration mission myself.

    I have 2 5870 cards in CrossFire (Sapphire, 1 is the 2GB Eyefinity version, the other is a 1GB Game Edition).

    When playing Crysis (or Crysis 2) I get absolutely awful performance from the cards. On a single card, the FPS is low, averaging 15, because I'm at such a high resolution (2650x1600). I was assuming that CrossFire would give me close to double performance, but no luck. In reality, the game is unplayable, with incredibly sluggish peformance, almost as if I'm playing the game on a 486 system or something. I have an i7-960 and 12GB of RAM @ I know that isn't the bottleneck.

    Sometimes, I wish the really high end computer components didn't have tons of configuration options, but rather just simply ran with the absolute best performance simply because you pressed the little red button that says "fix it"!

    Anyone know of a site that tracks all the optimal 3D Application Settings in CCC for various games?

    Thanks, esp. to Tex-Twil for letting me jump on the post.
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