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Hello, my mac wont read my verbatim hd
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  1. u wouldhave to be more specific with ur xternal hard-drive what model is it and is it mac compatible
  2. craigy said:
    Hello, my mac wont read my verbatim hd

    Get a PC.
  3. lol true to that, macs are good, but more for audio and video professionals :P
  4. The disk is paper thin and any unexpected jarring, especially dropping it creates a warp in the drive. It could also be just a mechanical failure. Unplug it to prevent further damage. Don't worry in many cases you can have the data retrieved from your hard drive
  5. maybe rma it, if its still on warranty :),
  6. Problem Solved, but... If you don't speak Español use GoogleTranslate haha

    La mayoría de los discos vienen en formatos FAT o NTFS, que son usados por PC y en su mayoría Windows.

    Hay un paquete, que te permite poder ver tu Verbatim o Disco Portable en Leopard o Lion.

    Yo tengo uno de 750Gb y vino con fomato FAT32.

    Te dejo el nombre del Paquete, y talvez el Link

    So Google this, " NTFS-3G " I dont remember where did a get from.

    the .dmg name is "NTFS-3G_2009.4.4-legacy-catacombae.dmg"


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