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Keyboard is doing some wierd things instead of typing when I hit keys

Hi I have a windows 7 machine that has been running without any problems until now... Whenever I hit a key something besides typing tends to happen.
Hitting "p" opens up a small, long window that lets me change my monitor setup (options being "Computer only", "Duplicate", "Extend", and "Projector only")
Hitting "e" opens up the Computer window with explorer.
Hitting "t" scrolls thru my open programs with the task bar.
Hitting "d" closes the active program.
Hitting "r" opens the Run window.
Hitting "f" opens a file search window.
Any other keys do what they normally do.

I'm worried I accidentally hit some key combination that causes some keyboard shortcuts to always be active because this happens no matter what I'm doing such as typing in a search bar in Firefox or typing a paper in MS Word. This has happened to me before with other computers but I don't know how it was fixed and I don't know how I would word a Google search to find out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this has royally screwed me over and now I can't use my ~$600 investment which just sucks.
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  1. I almost forgot, hitting the space bar does nothing at all.
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    all those keys are supposed to exactly what you describe except when holding the windows button (usually between left ctrl and left alt). is your windows button stuck?
  3. Oh god that was helpful. Yeah now it's working again after slamming both windows keys.
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  5. +1^Branden,

    blazorthonand now u can start using shortcuts too: )

    More here,
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