How to remove write protection from a usb drive?

:( :( :( can someone help me fix something up? :D actually, i have a 8GB usb drive but now it's 6.. i don't know what happen.. something just always appeared inside my drive..and i'm not sure if it's a virus (usecure) then, i can't eject nor format mine.. :( am too scared that the virus might eat the capacity of the usb (if ever ) :sarcastic:

right now, at this juncture, after my brother insert a file on it, the file i meant to describe can't be deleted.. aww.. :( :( :( :( :( can someone help me please? :sweat: :sleep:
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  1. OK, I will assume you want to format and restore the drive to it's original state.
    If not, you need to transfer the file(s) that you want to save to a different media, after that see below.
    Go ahead and download Killdisk, then install it. The free edition will allow you to erase (or zero) a drive, writing all zeroes on the disk. It is useful for HDDs, but it works as well for flash drives. Make sure the drive selected for zeroing is the one that you need to erase, you don't want to erase another HDD in your system.
    After that, you can go in Control panel> Administrative tools> Disk Manager and format it to your liking, like KTFS or FAT, according to your needs.
    Let us know if you run into issues.
    BTW, if the drive is marked as Write-protected and does not allow you to erase it, you can Right-click on it> Properties> Security> make sure the Write Permission is set to Allow.
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