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So here's the deal, I have to reinstall my windows 7 because my registry has some kind of error regarding installshield.

I have two internal 1 tb drives in raid0, and one internal 500 gig drive I use for storage. The raid0 is split into two arrays, one for OS, rest for games/movies/porn etc..

If I reinstall windows on the raid and backup my data on the 500 gig drive, can I add/access the 500 gig drive after full windows 7 reinstall without having to format it/lose data?

Setting master/slave jumpers is not an option because I have an antec 900 as my case, it's so tight that if I want to set any jumpers I'd have to remove the power supply and a lot of wires, very painful and I'm just not feeling it.
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  1. Well, if these are SATA drives that master / slave jumpers are irrelevant, anyway.

    The short and long answers are both yes. In theory (but not a good idea), you don't even have to back up the data drive. It's a nicely partitioned and formatted drive with data, when Windows starts up it will discover it and assign a device letter.

    Or have I missed a key element here?
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