XP mouse pointer changes to text pointer plus vertical line to the right

For the last couple of weeks, my mouse cursor has been changing to a text cursor, plus a vertical line about 3/16" to the right of the cursor. Everything works just fine, but it is odd. The cursor changes from the normal arrow to these shapes when I am in an input box, or passing over text. Any clues? Tried changing mouse cursors, no effect.
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  1. I don't fully understand...when in input box, or passing over text, isn't it normal to see the avarage text cursor?!

    The vertical line isn't.
    Go to control panel and choose a different pointer scheme (for all cursors) see if same behaviour...
    Check colour depth of the cursor compared to the colour depth in your Display properties. A higher colour depth cursor and a lower Display can cause glitches.
    For the vertical line you're seeing, try lowering your hardware acceleration slider one step .
    Have U installed anything to personalize your pc lately?! or do U use themes? :hello:
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