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I recently pinpointed why my pc wouldn't turn on. My power button has given out, I get no response when trying to push it. I used a screwdriver to make sure that it was not my power supply and it booted up fine.

After finally finding the problem I realized that I have no idea how to go about fixing this problem.
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  1. Well, replacing the case would be the expensive option.

    The button itself is nothing special. Just a glorified screwdriver ;)

    Drill a hole, mount a button.
  2. or swap the connections over on the motherboard and use the reset button as a stop gap :)
  3. Yep, good idea if it has one. Many don't any more.
  4. I tried using the reset button as the power button and that didn't work either, I'm not sure if that's what you were referring to or not.
  5. Attaching the leads from the reset button to the power button connections on the board.
  6. Yea, that's what I was meaning. I just plugged the reset button into where the power button should have been, but I didn't get any response that way either.
  7. What kind of case and MB are we talking about? Is this some proprietary setup from Dell?
  8. I'm guessing the small chrome thing under the blue power button is the reset? Did you pull that cover and look to see if you could see any damage?

    I think you should just spring for another case at this point.

    Here's a couple good cheap ones:
  9. So you have connected both the power button and the reset button leads to the mobo pins for the power button, and neither of them worked? And yet, a short with a screwdriver across those two pins worked OK? Seems very strange that BOTH buttons have failed.

    Proximon had the best suggestion right off the top - just buy another momentary-contact pushbutton switch, drill a hole if necessary to mount it in the case front, and mount it. Detach the wires that serve your current front on/off switch from that switch (they are the right size and length and have connectors on the end already) and solder them onto the switch terminals. There is no real need to worry about switch polarity, and the current involved is almost nothing so there is no special grade of switch required. It just needs to close only when pushed, then spring open again.

    If you're going to disassemble the front of the case enough to do this, take a very close look at what is going on with both old switches. Any chance it's a simple matter like a pulled-off wire?
  10. It is very strange that both switches failed at the same time, not sure how that happens.

    I checked where the wires meet the switch and they're sealed over with something that looks sort of like hot glue, but it appears that they are still connected.

    Edit: The little silver button is the reset button
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