Amd 9850 -> i7 920 4ghz,worth it?

3.0 Ghz AMD phenom 9850 upping to core i7 920 Oced to 4.0 Ghz worth the upgrade. I mean 50% faster gaming, but should I wait 1 year for the 6 cores which have more cache.

Its about 700 usd, but only 4800 chinese yen, so not that much here.

I mean 3gbs of ddr3 1333 Mhz and MSI x-58 pro and noctua 1366 cooler.
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  1. This upgrade will not improve your gaming power by 50%. It may not even improve your gaming power at all. Many games today are GPU-dependent more-so than CPU-dependent.

    Also, it's not guaranteed you will find a stable 4.0 OC with a 920...especially if you get a C0 stepping. You will also not be able to reach 4.0 with 1333 RAM.

    In short, no don't do the upgrade. Spend the money on improved GPU power.
  2. the 6 core's will be around the $1k range just for the CPU so I wouldn't bother waiting for them.

    Get the i7 920 and you'll probably get to 3.8ghz even if you do get a C0.

    but I would get 6GB of ram over 3GB.
  3. I think you should get AMD phenomII X4 and a good GPU(you may only need to update the BIOS of your current motherboard or get a new board).

    As for the GPU,you could get a GTX 295,GTX285,HD4870 1GB(depending on your budget and the resolutions you wish to game at).
  4. It's not that easy to overclock a Core i7 to 4Ghz. As it requires really expensive motherboards.

    That kind of money would be better spent on a Phenom II X3 plus a decent video card.
  5. I'm confused.

    Where does he tell us what vid card he has? I'd like to know what that is before sugesting he spend the money there.

    Also, he says 4800Y is not a lot to him.

    And so on.


    Unless there are games you can't run well now, a lot is going to change in the next year. You will see what Intel does with two new sockets, and what if anything AMD does in response. So maybe waiting is better, tho I personally don't think that 6 cores are going to make much difference in gaming for a couple of years yet. Your call on that one.

    If you're itching to build one now, the i7 build you are looking at will get you through the next few years in style.

    Sounds like you win either way. Enjoy.
  6. I am going to upgrade to 5870 or 5850 CF in the winter 2009 when rv870 hits the marckets. This is why I am upgrading and I am getting the D0 stepping so 4.0 Ghz should'nt be a problem at all.

    I think you all know that my CPU would bottleneck GFXs like GTX285< cards. The GTX360 or GTX380 and 5870 or 5850 CF will be bottlenecked badly by my current CPU.

    I'm only playing SC2 on maximum settings and after that game I'm hardly going to buy any games PC anymore, because all my friends play XBOX360 in live and even though the graphics are better, I would still love to play upcoming games like COD MW2 etc with my friends.

    If you guys think that Phenom 955 OCed to 4.0 GHz with upcoming rv870 or gt300 won't have any difference with i7 920 then I'll get the 955, but if AMD is gonna make 965 high end CPU and if so I would get. Rumors said their going to unveil a new set of CPUs in Q3.
  7. SC2 = starcraft 2 right?

    Do you really need a monster to work with that game? From what I've experienced with Blizzard over the past years is that they would rather make games playable by more people and let the graphics slip a bit. So you are going to waste a lot of money for no real performance gain. I wouldn't even upgrade anything at all. You only plan to play 1 game, even if you can't play it on full settings it's still a waste, usually high quality is fine too, highest for that price is a waste.

    I'd buy an extra xbox game.
  8. No sure, My gaming kit is probly going to be lazer mamba and apple keyboard and g13 so the level I'm doing this game is not campaign lol, its online hardcore RTS gaming, so I think its totally worth it?

    You see that xbox is only for friends and after RTS gets 2 frustrating espiecally when u utelize the brains work for much more compared to other games.

    I mean about 400 euros is alot for enjoying about 15 hours of starcraft2 in a week ?

    Ur opinions pls.
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