Msi p67a gd65 overclocking and memory ?'s

msi p67a gd65 mobo
850w powersupply
i5 2500k
xfx radon 6950 bios flashed 6970
kingston khx1600c9d3k2 (8gig / 2 4 gig sticks )
cm 212+ heatsink
120gb ssd OZ drive

windows experience indx 7.3 :D

current clock 4.535 mhz @ 1.25v ( as reported by cpuz ) clock is stable in prime95 and 3dmark 11
100% loaded temps 65*c idle temps 35*
no matter what I do I cant seem to get the system to boot clocking any faster. I have tried incressing the cpu voltage to 1.3v also tried small system agent adjustment to 0.945. with the same results being bsod.

the other issue I have is I have tried to reclock the memory so I can use 1600 ddrm vs the cpu wanting to see it as 1300. I have enabled Intel XMP and set Dram timing to LINK.
when making those adjustments and booting back in to windows I crash to black screen.
thank you for the help
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  1. also bios version is 1.9
    I oc'ed per the sticky at the top of the page.
  2. For the CPU overclocking, there are two options:
    1. You may need to go higher than 1.3v for the CPU voltage.
    2. You may have hit the multiplier wall that your CPU cannot go past.

    Also, do you have PLL Overvoltage enabled?

    For the RAM, instead of setting XMP, try setting the speed and timings manually. Is that RAM rated for 1.65v or 1.5v?
  3. got it. Now at 4.8mhz and memory is clocked and stable... so it seems
    the settings I used.
    CPU Base Frequency [10kHz] [10000]
    Adjust CPU Ratio [33]
    Adjust CPU Ratio in OS [Disabled]
    Internal PLL Overvoltage [Enabled]
    EIST [Enabled]
    Intel Turbo Boost [Enabled]
    DRAM Frequency [DDR3-2133MHz]
    Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P) [Disabled]
    DRAM Timing Mode
    Spread Spectrum [Disabled]
    VDroop Control [Low VDroop]
    CPU Core Voltage [1.375]
    CPU I/O Voltage [1.07]
    DRAM Voltage [1.775]
    System Agent Voltage (SA) [Auto]
    CPU PLL Voltage [Auto]
    PCH 1.05 [Auto]
    DDR_VREF_CA_A [0.74]
    DDR_VREF_CA_B [0.74]
    DDR_VREF_DA_A [0.74]
    DDR_VREF_DA_B [0.74]

    Overclocking/Advanced DRAM Configuration
    cas tRCD tRP tRAS
    9 9 9 27 the rest on Auto

    Overclocking/CPU Features

    Active Processor Cores [All]
    Limit CPUID Maximum [Disabled]
    Execute Disable Bit [Enabled]
    Intel Virtualisation Tech [Disabled]
    Intel VT-D Tech [Disabled]
    Power Technology [Custom]
    C1E Support [Disabled]
    Overspeed Protection [Enabled]
    Intel C-State [Enabled]
    Package C State Limit [No Limit]
    Long Duration Power Limit (W) 120
    Long Duration Maintained (ms) 1000
    Long Duration Power Limit (W) 140
    Primary plane turbo power limit 0
    1-Core Ratio Limit 48
    2-Core Ratio Limit 48
    3-Core Ratio Limit 48
    4-Core Ratio Limit 48
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