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I want to trade out the E5200 that I currently have running in my machine, but since it turns out that the i7's all run on LGA1366, I'm going to need to get a new mobo anyway. With that in mind, I'm considering getting and AMD CPU instead; supposedly they're better for a budget buyer, which I definitely am.

Who's lineup is better in the $300-$400 price range (including a new mobo), intel or AMD?
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  1. intel i5
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  3. Buy AMD.

    This time next year, you'll be plugging a 6-core cpu into your mobo. With i5, you've got no upgrade path at all.
  4. what you mean, there are i7 chips that fit in the same mobo and the i5 only been on sale a 2 days how do you know there is no upgrade path
  5. LGA 1156 is scheduled to go through 2010 (and beyond) and include the next gen 32nm CPUs.
  6. Hmm, intel definitely looks like the better option...I feel bad for AMD though, they were going strong with the Athlon X2 for so many years and then intel just steamrolled them with the Core2 and i7 :(

    Thanks for the help!
  7. Those 16 pci lanes will sure be looking old as hell in 2 years time, but don't say you weren't warned.
  8. Eh, I'm not gonna need bleeding edge tech in the next 2 years. As long as this set-up will support next year's mid-range graphics card, I'm good to go. Although, I built my current setup off techreport's guide for christmas of last year...and it's most up-to-date version is recommending using an AMD chip.

    If they're still recommending an AMD setup around Christmas time, I might go down that path...there's no point in future proofing too far if I'm just gonna be swapping out parts every year or two anyway :p
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