GTS 250 1 GB SLI vs GTX 275

Which do you think I should go for? 2 GTS 250s or 1 GTX 275? Buying another GTX 275 in the future is not a solution because I plan to upgrade in 2 years when direct x 11 is more established.

Edit: I forgot to mention I will be playing in 1920x1080, lol.
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  1. I'd consider the GTX 275 as the first choice, since I'm having a load of trouble with my 1GB ECS GTS 250 and thus cannot recommend it.

    Overheating, lock ups, you call it, other posters here have similar issues:

    If you are to get the 2 GTS 250's setup, I wish you better luck than mine.

  2. Since you will be upgrading in 2 years so get a single GTX 275(it will be cheaper than 2 GTS 250's).
    And if ur mobo supports crossfire then 2 HD 4770's will also be a good choice.

    BTW which gfx card are you running now?
  3. I am running an agp 6800 ultra... I'm pretty much building an all new system.

    Thanks for the warning cefvil.
  4. I take it you have an older system then. Anyway you would probably be better off with a single GTX 275. Even though two 250s in SLI are generally faster, SLI does introduce some CPU overhead so it is possible that on your system two GTS 250s will be even slower than a single 250 if your CPU simply can't keep up. Depending on your CPU and Resolution then you may not even get much benefit out of getting anything faster than a single GTS 250
  5. megaman, he said that he is making an all new system.

    Also, to the OP: Get a single 275. Performance difference is not that huge and you dont get the SLI related problems like stuttering, heat issues etc. One powerful card is always better than two lower cards if the performance difference is minimal.

    BTW, what are the other components are you thinking? Maybe, we can help you there too.
  6. I just ordered the parts yesterday, lol, I got a core i7 920, asus p6t, and 6 gb of ocz platinum ddr3. I stuck with the single GTX 275 and got the evga superclocked edition.

    My current system (actually I haven't used it in about 3 years, long story) is an FX-53 with 1gb of ram with a 6800 ultra. Once I land back stateside, I will benchmark the sucker and then scrap it for parts.

    I have always kinda been against SLI because of the cost (dollar wise, electricity wise, and heat wise) but the benchmarks of the gts 250 in sli looked a little tempting.

    Actually it's kinda funny that everyone here told me to be careful about SLI or not go for it. Over in the new system builders forum everyone and their grandma is touting off the wonders of SLI and it started going against my better judgment. Micro-stuttering was a big worry aside from the heat and electricity.

    Thanks for the advice guys!
  7. oooh, is that 1GB (2x512MB) ram DDR400, i could use that for my old gaming computer now server (S939 A64 4000+, 1GB DDR400 mem)
  8. mindless728 said:
    oooh, is that 1GB (2x512MB) ram DDR400, i could use that for my old gaming computer now server (S939 A64 4000+, 1GB DDR400 mem)

    You can buy 2nd Hand RAM chips from the market .It will save you the cost of shipping.
  9. If memory serves me correctly, yeah it should be some corsair high performance ddr 400.
  10. You should of stuck with the GTS 250's in SLI.

    2x GTS 250 > GTX 285.
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