Does more fans necessarily mean a cooler system?

Hi everyone.
I'm going to be putting in an order from Newegg soon, and I want some opinions on my main priority: My computer case.

Currently, I am running my computer in this case:

I have 2 scythe 120mm fans on the side blowing air in towards the CPU and GPU (Both fans push 110cfm of air).
I replaced the front fan with another 120mm scythe fan (110cfm) and it's pushing air towards the back (sucking air from the front).
I also have a fan pushing air out the back.

I was thinking about upgrading to this case:

My main concern is heat. My room gets way too hot for my likings (I love the cold air).

So, if I upgraded, do you think it would lower my temperatures? My CPU idles at 25 celcius, and my GPU at ~50 celcius in my current case.

Is it worth the extra $100? If not, what could I do to keep my current case cool?

Sorry if I'm vague, I'm just typing this as I think of it. =/

Thanks all. :)
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    The temps in your current case are okay. If you are on a budget, then there is no need to buy a new case. On the other hand the new case you are thinking about does have improved airflow. There are openings at the back of the top panel for two additional exhaust fans and there are openings on the front panel for intake fans. The airflow would certainly be more balanced than your current case configuration. It might improve cooling. I do not have any technical references for the two cases.

    BTW - How's the noise level with the Scythe 110cfm fans? Years ago I used the Panaflo high volume fans. The air flow was great but there was a lot of noise. I think each 120mm fan was rated at something like 45db.
  2. The noise level is not bad, in my opinion.
    They're loud enough to tell when your computer powers up, but silent enough to be 'drained out' (you dont notice the sound) after awhile.

    They push excellent airflow though.

    By the way: Thanks for the response. :D
  3. Noise is relative. One person's quiet pc is another person's jet fighter. I've got my system connected to an old audio system. When I crank up one of the Internet radio stations I listen to I don't even hear the fan noise.
  4. They're around 45db if that helps any, haha.
    If you listen to music, you might hear them a little bit, but not much.
  5. Your idle temps are fine. What do your load temps rise to? That's the key.
  6. Not really sure if the case change would improve the temps on your room. If you did buy a case with better air flow, you are now just throwing the same total amount of heat around your room.

    You might want to consider undervolting and/or underclocking, it might automatically shave-off 5C or more for free.
  7. The second case does look better than the first, but I am not sure it it will be any better than the first, Twin input fans directly on the Mobo setup is better in my opinion than the twin front intake on the second case...

    With the setup of your fans, it looks like a positive pressure airflow with more air being pumped in than taken out by the various fans airflow, have you tried switching the airflow of the top side 120mm fan to expell air instead of drawing air in, just a thought, will try that setup on my scout with the top fan dissconected to replicate your setup

    If you want better cooling, look at your room temp and see if you can bring that down instead
  8. My room temp is usually pretty low until I turn my computer on. :P
    I liked the second case because I can put my computer right behind the AC, so the 2 front fans can suck in all the cold air.

    and my current case has no top fan. =(
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