Manufacture won't respond to my email. I need motherboard manual.

I have a Lenovo computer and the motherboard is ECS G31T-LM2.

The ECS site doesn't have that exact motherboard brand listed.
I checked with Lenovo and they do have the motherboard manual, but it is a simplified manual. It doesn't show which jumpers/wires go into where. It's basically just a simple reference that came with my prebuilt computer.

Does anyone know where else to get this manual? Would using Similar motherboards working?

Example: Different motherboard model number, but same G31T chipset.

My problem right now is I bought a new case and don't know how to connect front panel and audi connectors to the motherboard.
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  1. I'll guess there is nothing printed on the motherboard, or no chance of looking at the old fitting and tracking the wires to old case connections.
    Why not go to the ECS website and pull up boards with the G31 titles till you match up the boards visually. You should find a matchup, normally resellers like lenovo just ask the manufacturer to change the label and remove a few components.
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