Fresh Win7, trying to connect secondary data HDD

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to help out a friend who recently did a fresh install of Win7 on his SSD. Prior to reinstalling Win7, he had a second hard drive connected for data storage.

When he was installing Win7, I told him to unplug his data drive and only have the SSD connected. Win7 installs fine and he now has connected his data drive and it wasn't showing up in My Computer. I had him to into Disk Management and the drive was Unallocated, and so I had him create a new simple volume (the only option). He went through the steps and assigned it a drive letter and allocated all the space.

This is where the problem starts. I've done the exact same thing my friend has done multiple times with reconnecting a second HDD after a fresh Win7 install and did a simple volume to assign it a drive letter and then it shows up My Computer with all my data intact... No problem. In my friends case the drive shows up in My Computer, but it is showing as an empty drive and when he double clicks on it, it tells him he has to format the drive to use it.

I've searched across the Tom's forum and google, but everyone has had the same success I have had so I'm not sure where the problem is in my friends situation. Does anyone know how he can create a volume for his data drive and be able to access it without formatting the drive?


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