(Help) OpenGL Problems.

hello. i'm 14 years old and i'm a PC

I have a Problem with OpenGL, in Adobe Photoshop cs4 (i'm a graphics Designer) it always comes up with
'Graphics Acceleration Disabled' and i've read that it means my OpenGL on my (Nvidia 9800GT (PNY)) GPU.
Now i Have No Idea what OpenGL is, i Hope it's a software issue and it's easy to solve instead of me taking my 2 week old Baby Back (i love my GPU a little TO much)

i wondered that i don't have enough Power.
i have a 550 watt with dual 12V rails (17A,18A)
i also have a :

AMD 2.7GHz Black edition CPU
250GB HDD (don't know the Frequency(i paid £40 quid for it so it'll be very low))
PNY 9800GT (the one i told you)
Belkin G+ Destop Adapter
Pioneer CD-ROM/DVD 22X Drive

SOme one please help to get OpenGL Working. Don't Worry, i'm not one of the Teenagers that go around Knifing Everyone, i'm one of the Really fantasticly Cool PC Geeks. abd i do know Quite a lot to, so don't tell me how to Click the Start Button like my Teachers do! i'm not a mindless zombie! (When Playing Crysis Maybe) :D
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  1. Well have you tried updating the drivers? You probably don't have the Open GL API installed and that's what's giving you those errors. The new drivers from NVIDIA should come with Open GL 3.0. If not, then google Open GL, download it, and install it.
  2. ^+1
    Also check the Adobe site, I'm not into pro software but the feature may only be enabled for workstation (read HOW MUCH??) cards.
    Oh and keep an eye on this thread, it may take several days for you to get a definitive reply.
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