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Hey all,
OK my system is a Phenom x4 955, Radeon HD 4870x2, on the CPU i have an Artic cooling freezer 64. The case I have is a CM 690, Now my temps with speedfan are 44C,44C, -128C, and 42C on idle. When I play a game, Say Cod 4 i jump to the 50s. I was wondering, is that a normal jump in temps? The cideocard fan is running at 60% the other fans on the case are at 100. ANother question is the case, the powersupply spot is on the bottom and there is a vent underneath, should i have the PSU facing down or up? Will that make a difference? Right now its facing up, into my video card.
Thanks all
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  1. The temps sound decent and within normal spec, from what I read. a 10+ degree jump seems reasonable when you put a load on the chip.

    As for the PSU, doesn't the fan in the inside of the case suck, not blow? And then it outputs the air out the back of the case? If so, the fan pointing up would be best (it sucks air from above the PSU, and outputs out of the case)
  2. don't use speedfan ... i would recommend RealTemp or CPUID's Hardware monitor.

    On speedfan, my temps are like 25,26,27,28 ... which are ridiculously too low.

    On both realtemp and CPUID's HW monitor, i get legit temps: 38,40,42,42
  3. I know it's a different setup, but my C2D E8500 @ 4.37 on 1.52 volts idles at 42/42, on full load it jumps to 55/53 and has a very rare peak at 60C.

    Change in temp is faster than you'd expect, but as far as I know, normal.
  4. With the fan down, you draw "fresh" air to cool the psu. With the fan up, your psu will draw air from inside the case, cool the psu, possibly improve air flow toward your vid card, and exhaust the hotter air. Your psu will run a tad warmer this way because air in the case is warmer than air under the tower.

    Looking at the rest of the case, you have one intake and one exhaust fan stock. If you face the psu fan down, you have "neutral" fan action, out = in. if you face it upward, you create negative air pressure, and additional air will be drawn in from wherever it can be found.

    Which is better? For dust control, probably psu fan down. For overall cooling, probably psu fan up. But you have the tools - no need to guess - try both and see.

    Oh! Your temps are prolly fine btw. Just use realTemp or CoreTemp, not Speedfan.
  5. Thanks all for the replies.
    I have just been curious for a while, and decided to ask
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