Possibly Defective Motherboard?

So here is my problem, one day when I was playing an old video game on my computer it just shut off out of nowhere. I tried turning it on again but nothing. The motherboard light was still on however, even though the computer would not turn on. My computer had a faint burnt plastic smell coming from the upper rear (where my PSU is located) area of my computer. When I opened up my computer to investigate why the computer wouldn't boot I remembered where the smell was coming from and checked the PSU. When I opened up the PSU I saw a charred capacitor and knew that my PSU was dead. So I went on newegg and ordered this silverstone 400w replacement PSU. When it arrived I installed it properly and double checked to see that all of the correct cables were plugged in where they should be and booted up. The computer did boot up this time but refused to boot past the Motherboard Splashscreen. The computer post beeped fine however. I double checked all of the cables again and tried clearing the CMOS. I still cannot boot past the motherboard splash screen. Here are the system specifications of my computer that I cannot get to work:

CPU: AMD Athlon X2 3.0 GHZ 6000+
GPU: e-geforce 9600gt (I could never get this card to work when my computer worked and I had to use the integrated ati 3100 instead, when I booted my computer using the 9600 gt there were artifacts everywhere at boot and the card gave me like 1 fps in games and couldn't do anything that even slightly gpu necessary, help with this card would also be great)
MOBO: Asus m3a78cm
I am really puzzled about what to do.
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  1. Well you say you "tried" to clear cmos, removed battery/short cmos jumper/PSU is disconnected, press power button and hold 10 seconds. Also all cards removed during that process. Don't bother with the video card for now, just use the onboard video. Hope for the best, oh that would be a damaged not defective board, just trying to humor you.
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