Can you Dedicate a Nvidia Card to just do Physx?

I was just wondering if you have an ATI Card as a Primary could you use an older Nvidia Card just to render Physx. Might be a way to have my cake and eat it too but I seriously doubt you could do that.
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  1. >Its cheaper to buy a 9500gt than a PPU card.
  2. +1 strangestranger on all counts.

    Yes it is possible in Xp and Win7, no it is not in Vista.
    With how 'many' good games support Physx, it does seem like a waste of cash and power...
  3. I've done it so you can but just need an empty PCI-e port. Can't mix Radeon with nvidia though so you will have to get the PCI PhysX card which is probably obsolete by now in terms of GPU and memory clock. I don't think all 8 series or higher will work but lookup CUDA enabled nvidia cards and you can find a definitive list.
  4. Thank You. I just want to add Physx support to my computer but I like ATI Graphics Cards.
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