Which case is better?

antec 900 $99 + $14 shipping

CM storm Scout $89 + 2 120mm fans $8 = $97 free shipping

nzxt tempest $99 free shipping

which is better? cooling and space wise?
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  1. you would know i would recommend the CM scout


    Right now, i have 5 fans in my scout. It might be a tiny tiny bit loud, but i always have music on so i can't even hear it.

    Antec 900 you can't go wrong

    And the tempest i hear is "cheaply" made ... idk . I would choose between 900 and scout
  2. I have the Scout. Totally love it. I am going to add a 120 to the 5.25 bay area for some added cooling. Kinda like what the 900 has. 900 is a nice case, but the lack of behind the mobo tray cable management turns me off of it. Plus the Scout has a black interior. Can't go wrong with that. But really, except for the cable management issue, either case is a great choice.
  3. I would choose the Coolermaster Storm Scout. Ventilation, air flow, and cooling is very good. The case is 8.6 inches wide so it can easily handle the tall tower style cpu heatsink and cable management is good too. The case is 19.5 inches from front to back so it should be able to accomodate most of the longer video cards.

    The Antec Nine Hundred is of the most popular cases with gamers. I haven't seen actual sales figures but I think it is Antec's all time best selling case.

    Choosing a case if often a matter of personal preference. Buy the one you like.
  4. I really like the scout better than any other , but I wasn't sure about it's performance. But now I will definitely get that case.

    Will 2 of these fans be good for the side panel ? Also I'm getting the Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 , so I hope the side panel closes with the 2 fans on.

    What do you think?

    these fans:

  5. I don't know anything about Rosewill fans. You might want to consider getting CM fans that will match the fans in the Storm Scout. They are available at the CM Store:

  6. scout. just add scythe slip stream if u want more fans.
  7. I have the 900 and love it, but truly it is a personal preference. You'll want good cooling, which both will provide. Honestly, it'll come down to which you like better.
  8. Scout.

    Antec X hundred cases are really narrow and you won't be able to fit a big GFX card in it.
  9. now my idle core temps for my i7 920 @ 3.2 GHz is like 39/37/38/35 .... I think thats pretty good :P

    On idle, my 4870 1gb @ 375/425 i get like 40 C w/ 50% fan ... if i up to 65% fan i get like 36 C sometimes.

    Scout won't make you regret your choice

    P.S. just really make sure to measure your heatsink with the dimensions of the scout, it's going to be a tight fit for the top side fan.
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