Dll error--how to fix?

Out of my element here. XP SP3 box boots to an error message: "Error Loading C:\Windows\WMObdimp.dll". Have tried googling, and got no results at all. So, I guess it's a little unusual.

Can someone offer help to make a fix? I'd need pretty specific instructions. After closing the error message window, XP seems to behave just fine in general use. Perhaps some odd third-party app has a glitch?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Download "Autoruns" (Zip file) from HERE, (175KB).

    Extract and run the program, it does not install, it just runs. Click the "Everything" tab and look.

    It will show everything that loads to run Windows and will show things that are missing that were supposed to start.
    You look across the entry to see where it was supposed to be, but isn't.

    When you find your missing file in this list, right-click and select "Jump to" and it will open Regedit and take you to the registry entry that called for the file to load. From there you may be able to determine what program wanted that DLL to load.

    Here is a sample of what the program looks like and what to expect for a missing file that was supposed to load. If the picture is too small, click on it and it will appear in a new window uncompressed.

  2. Thank you. Will try this after another task is finished.
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  4. I hope it shed light on the problem. Thanks for the vote. :)
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