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I'm trying to overclock my Gigabyte GTX560ti OC (stock 900/1800/4008) with a little voltage bump. And I wonder which program is the best for stability testing. Currently I'm using Kombustor and it's good but it's burning the hell out of my card (max 94C) while for example playing Bulletstorm max temp was 71C.

So the question is - should I still be using kombustor or maybe 3Dmark 11 or simply play games and look for artifacts?
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  1. Heaven 2.5 is a good bench program...furmak 11 is the bench of choice right now
  2. test your GPU stability use OCCT [:briovaz:2]
  3. I think the point is to burn the hell out of your card. The higher stress level should make problems show up sooner.
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