Best upgrade option from 8800GT?

I currently have the following rig:

Windows 7 Ultimate
eVGA Superclocked 8800GT 512MB
1TB WD Black
24" LCD (no-name)

My other components seem up to snuff, but my 8800GT is having trouble handling 1920x1200. What's my best upgrade route for the card? I've had it for about two years and have no issue spending $200 or so. I'd like something that can at least handle 60FPS in maxed fallout 3, 30FPS in crysis on high, etc. I'd prefer something that's at least twice as powerful as my current setup. Is the radeon 4870 significantly more powerful than what I have right now? The tom's hardware charts show it as being weaker in certain games, which is bizzare.

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  1. A 4870 should do the trick. You have 2 pcie so you can add another 4870 when you need more power for future games.
  2. I think GTX 280 but if you're willing to spend more a GTX 295.
  3. 4870 1GB or GTX 260 depending on your ATI/Nvidia preference
  4. From an 8800gt 512mb to a 4870 1gig is a huge jump at that resolution.
    review below is 512mb, so its even faster.
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