Serious problem with rampage ii extreme?

hi all - so i think i've messed up my two month old 2000 dollar computer - when my dad finds out i dont think ill be seeing daylight anytime soon so please can someone give me a solution? ok the problem:

i have 2 hd 4890s, both sapphire [1 vapor-x] in crossfire on a rampage ii extreme motherboard. at first, they were both placed very close together with no space for the primary card to intake cold air so temps went up to like 85 celcius at load.

to offset this i decided to put the second card [the vaporx] on the third 8x pcie slot. temps were good but the crossfire bridges wouldnt reach so i bent the vapor-x so they would reach. all was good for a week but then i felt a bit guilty pressurising the motherboard so i took out the vaporx - turns out i permanantly tweaked the third slot so now nothing fits in it properly. but thats the least of my problems.

i then put the vapor x back in the second slot and run the computer - it boots but the bios is flickery and has discolored dots all over it. i then make the vaporx the primary card - same thing, no change.

i then take both cards out and put one in at a time - this time i get no picture at all and there is a red LED called 'ctf' which lights up on top of the cards.

i then put both back how they were originally [1 card in first slot, the second card in the third slot though putting in the second card took a lot of effort and i may have heard some plastic breaking]. the first card starts up but the card in the third slot doesnt - the fan doesnt run and there are no leds - and there is still no picture. power is no problem as i have a tx-850 by corsair which is pretty new [and i also have an antec cp-850 around which i also tested the machine with but no results].

if someone has a solution i would be eternally grateful but i know that i may be out of luck. if so, i have some meager savings to get myself a VERY cheap motherboard or graphics card so can someone pinpoint the problem so i know which to get [as i cant get both without concerning my dad and then the REAL problems begin :-(

p.s. oh and the only time i get a picture is with both cards in the 1st and 2nd slots and then also there are weird discolored lines and dots everywhere and the picture goes black every other second
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  1. have you tried the 4890 that you didn't bend in each slot by itself? Also 85 C is just fine for graphics cards. they're made to go to over 100. I would hook up each card only to the power supply and see if they start. If they don't, I would guess they are dead. Do you have access to another cheap graphics card to test?

    You could get a cheap graphics card, but a cheap x58 motherboard is going to be difficult.
  2. I'd Say your screw'd. Just blame it on the dog.
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