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I just replaced a few parts in my computer since it hasn't been updated in about four years and now I'm having issues trying to get a clean install of Windows Vista 64bit. The new parts are the motherboard (ASUS P5Q Deluxe), intel core 2 processor, and a 500G SATA HDD (connectd in SATA1 port) . I also have a WD HDD and DVD-RW installed in the IDE connector. I believe I have everything in the BOIS set correctly even the boot sequence. The computer boots up to this ignoring default ASUS menu screen called express gate where I can selected options like web, photos, chat, etc. When I click the option "Goto OS", I then recieve a message something like "OS can not be found, please insert bootable disc into the proper drive and hit any key to continue". When I place the Windows Vista disk (Full Version) in to the DVD drive the drive reads it and then the same message keeps coming back. The manual really doesn't cover how to go abouts installing a clean OS. So if anyone knows about ASUS motherboard and/or what I'm doing wrong please let me know.

Thanks for you time and help.
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  1. Try first to disable from bios Express Gate,then boot from the disk and install. Boot sequence must be defaults,like 1 floppy-disc,2 CD\DVD drive,3 HDD xxxxxx, or whatever,anyway must be CD\DVD first and after HDD.
  2. Well I figured out the problem but now when it goes and boots off the Windows Vista install CD it just goes to a blank black screen and sits there. If I insert a Windows XP full version install CD it will go through the install process. Yes, my Windows Vista is a full version not an upgrade CD.
  3. Disconnect the IDE HDD on the process and install only on the SATA HDD.
  4. That worked. Thanks for your help.
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