Win xp wont play dvd data disc

Is there a way to get windows xp to read a dvd data (.doc, avi, mpg mp3 files) disc?
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  1. Assuming you have a DVD drive, it should just work. However, it is also possible that the DVD disc, especially if is a rewritable, might not be compatible with your drive.
  2. its just a regular DVD-R disc. My friends other DVDs will play in the DVD-ROm. not sure if I need to update the computer with another program or other. The DVD-R data disc will work in my other laptop but not the one that I need to work on.
  3. If the DVD disc was not properly closed out it will not be readable in all PCs.
  4. the disc will play on my computer with WIN 7, but will not play on my friend's computer with WIN XP.
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