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Lets assume I have either a fiber or Ethernet backbone network coming into a building; I want to use a VLAN network using CAT 6 in the building. What would I need to connect to the backbone. And from the backbone connection to the switches?

Any quick responses would be great|||... and no I'm not in the middle of some test looking for a quick answer.

Thank you,
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    If you're talking about copper or fiber ethernet, then a manager Layer2+ switch with the appropriate uplink.

    You probably have a business grade connection, so you probably need some sort of router in there. You could build a fairly simple PFSense firewall/router, but you'd need to know how to configure and manage it and you'd probably at least want some server grade hardware, which is still under $1k to build for a 1Gb router.

    Then hook the router into the Layer2 switch and configure your vLANs to talk to the router.

    You'll definitely want someone who knows what they're doing.
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