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Hi all,
Is it possible to use different graphics cards.i am already having MSI 4850 512MB graphics card.I am looking for following combinatinos.

4850+4870 or

My System configuration is

E8400 processor
asus p5q deluxe mobo
coolermaster 600w PSU.
19" samsung monitor

when i am not doing graphics intensive work both cards will be consuming power or only one card

thanks and regards
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  1. I know very little about ATI cards, but you should take a look at this chart. It gives which cards can be xfired together, although has not been updated to include the 4890 yet.

    when i am not doing graphics intensive work both cards will be consuming power or only one card

    Both cards will be consuming power. If the applications you are using support corssfire, then you will use both cards. If it does not, then you will be using one card and the other card will idle. Idle cards use less power than cards in use but they still use some power.
  2. No ,It is not possible to do that according to the chart.

    And, moreover, why do you even need another card for a 19 inch monitor? 4850 is more than enough. Are you planning to upgrade your monitor too?
  3. It is possible, Hellraiser is wrong, at least one poster here is running a 4870/4850 combination.
    It is, however best to keep the cards as similar as possible to avoid potential compatbility issues.

    Dual HD4850 will be fine for that monitor, you'll get great framerates, even with super high settings and a lot of AA.

    Both cards will draw power all the time, but one will slow down to the point where it is barely running when Crossfire is not being used.

    Make sure you have plenty of room and good case ventilation or you could run into heating problems with a second card installed.
  4. I had a 4890 and a 4870 working as CrosfireX before I got my 2nd 4890. It working just fine in CrossfireX.
  5. They'll work, but the faster card will in essence be limited to the speed of the slower one. There's no real point on running a 4850 and a 4890 together because of that. Just run a pair of 4850s - it'll be more than enough.
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