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I had a computer that used to take several times to turn it on, before it would start. So I figured it was either that power button, MoB oor supply...I bought a new case with power supply and a new video card for the computer. Had it all working fine, shut it down last night, and this morning when turning on no image, sounded like the HD wasnt booting up, but everything else was on. I checked the HD connections and everythinng seemed ok, After several trys it came on. Does this sound like a bad MOBO?
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  1. What does Smart diagnostics say about the HD with the good connections?
    Might try a system burn in test to see if it detects any weakness's.
    Can you help define "no image", does this mean no post as in no bios screen,just blank screen?
    Can you duplicate the no post without the HD plugged in?
    Also "sounded like the HD wasn't booting up", does that mean it's not spinning?
  2. checked harddrive, came back fine. By no image, meaning the monitor was saying no connection. Hard to tell actually, sometimes sounds like hardrive takes off and is loading up, but blank monitor..and sometimes sounds like just the fans are powering up. I think im just going to replace the motherboard, since ive already replaced everything else cept the HD.
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